4 Weekend Activities to Do in Subic Bay

Subic Bay is known to be a great weekend destination. Only 3 hours away from Manila, the country’s capital, you can spend a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you want to spend a thrilling and adrenaline-filled weekend with your friends or a spa-like experience with your family, this place has everything you might ever need for your day-off.

Dolphin Encounter at Ocean Adventure

Ocean Adventure

If you have longed to swim with dolphins, you can have a close encounter with them at Ocean Adventure. Aside from watching their shows, you can opt to swim with them and even feed them afterwards. Revel in their magical charm as you see the various tricks they have up their sleeve. Don’t stay too long in one place since you still have an underwater world to see, with sea lions, sharks, turtles and fishes of many colours.

Survival of the Fittest at JEST Camp

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, do you think you can stay alive? Test your survival skills at JEST Camp. This way, you can learn a thing or two about what it takes to survive in a jungle. Learn how to cook using a bamboo, start a fire using sticks or even how to work together as a team.

Jungle Cruising at Treetop Adventure

For adrenaline-seeking individuals, fuel your veins with rides from Treetop Adventure. Try the Silver Surfer, Canopy Ride or even the Trekking Adventure. Whilst you are at it, revel in the majestic views of the sprawling trees and jungle of Subic.

Lounging at Camayan Beach Resort

For beach bums who just can’t get enough of the sand and sea, lounging and relaxing at the beautiful Camayan Beach Resort may be the best activity for you. Dubbed as one of the best beachfront resorts in Subic, Camayan boasts of fine, white sand and pristine beaches overlooking lush mountain ranges. If you want to do more than just laying around in the sun, you have the option to do various water sports such as kayaking, snorkelling or playing gladiator. Treat yourself to their spa services afterwards to experience a relaxing getaway after all the fun activities.

Going to Subic Bay isn’t complete without doing any of these exciting activities. Coupled with good food and a bit of shopping, this is certainly the place to go. To know more about other offerings, visit Morefun.ph today.