Installing an Air Conditioner at Your Home

You can grow bushes and shrubs in front of windows that are baked by the scorching western sun. Growing shady trees will help to keep your house cooler. Awnings and external window shades create the same cooling effect.

Optimum wall and ceiling insulations are also necessary to counter the hot summers of Australia. You can also use energy efficient heat reflective paints for your building exterior or wrap a commercial building with heat reflective glass.

Then you have to consider if you want to cool the entire building or certain parts of it. For whole building air conditioning, a central AC system will be the best option. Otherwise, ceiling mounted, wall mounted or window mounted split ACs or multi split units or box ACs are more convenient for cooling separate rooms.

There is a cocept nowadays called solar air conditioning which allows you to collect electricity/solar energy from the sun.

You will need a bigger AC above 2 or 2.5 tonnes to effectively cool a large room. Window mounted air conditioning units work best for smaller rooms as they cannot efficiently cool all the corners of the room. You can direct the air vent towards the bed or study table to enjoy cool air.

ACs measuring less than 1 tonne have to be used along with your fan, otherwise it won’t cool a room sufficiently.

You also need to consider the energy efficiency of the different models, otherwise you will be left with huge bills.

Talk to air conditioning services Brisbane who will take all factors (insulation, orientation, heat transmission, building construction materials, lifestyle needs and occupancy) into account before recommending the perfect match for you.