Tips for Lowering Alimony Payments

Divorce is rarely an easy process, and the outcome of it is even more painful. Paying a hefty amount as alimony or spousal support is a financial burden and can be a huge source for distress and grievance. Though being responsible for a spouse who is not self sufficient may be a generous and ethical thing to do, it can also be a hugely contested affair and both parties may have extremely different views about it. There are ways to lower the alimony amount though, and if this is what you seek then here are some excellent pointers on how to achieve it.

Hire a good family lawyer

As in most financial matters, negotiation is key. Good family lawyers will be able to successfully negotiate the terms and conditions of the alimony payment on your behalf and get you a sweeter deal. If you feel that the initial settlement was unfair to you financially or from an emotional perspective then you can ask the court for a reassessment of your alimony payments.

The court may also reassess your payment amount if you can prove that the current amount is burdening you financially and you are not able to support it anymore. Ask family lawyers Sydney before you petition for a reassessment.

Post divorce; make sure to keep your distance from your ex-spouse. The more you become emotionally involved in their life the more reason there will be for them to depend on you and ask for higher alimony payments. Be civil and courteous, but at the same time do look out for yourself.

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