Why is it Important to Inspect the Backyard Before Buying a Property?

It is not possible for most people to know all the different species of garden plant that are harmful to humans or pets. Visit the herbarium at your local botanical gardens to avail of plant identification services in lieu of a small fee.

The neighbourhood nurseries can also help you if you take along a sample of the plant and show it to them. They can even recommend a wide variety of ornamental or useful garden plants that are absolutely safe for both children and animals.

Additionally, you can contact the Department of Environment or Primary Industry or your nearest Poison Information Centre for more information on plants typical to your territory or state.

Once you have identified the poisonous species, it is best to remove them from your garden and plant only those trees and shrubs that are absolutely safe. Also, it is vital to teach children the importance of identifying a plant before eat any of its parts.

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Most Toxic Plant Species

Some of the common garden flora that are extremely poisonous to children include the white cedar tree, yellow oleander, arum lily, lily of the valley, deadly nightshade, castor oil plant, poinsettia and rosary bean. It is best to avoid such plants altogether even if they make your garden look stunningly beautiful.

It is also advisable to avoid all types of mushroom as you are never sure which types to eat and what to avoid. In case of animals, the list is more extensive and includes all citrus fruit plants, stone fruit plants, bulbous plants, ferns, common flowering plants and several vegetable species.

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