Choosing the Right Bed

Choose from different designs and styles of beds according to your taste or the design of your bedroom. These are the following style of beds that you can choose from:

Choose a “Captain’s Bed” to avail the space that the drawers underneath the mattress provide. Since they hold tons of stuff, you can use them in children’s or teenagers’ rooms. These beds are inspired by those made for the ships.

Daybeds” are mainly placed along the sides of walls because of their more compact sizes compared to standard beds. These are used for the intention of napping or just sitting during the day.

If you have a large room or a high ceiling, a “Four-poster Bed” would be the most appropriate one since they take up most of the space. The second most-appropriate would be the “Platform Bed”. It is a floating mattress raised above 2 or more feet from the floor by a box-like stage. It gives a streamlined sense of drama and suits open spaces very well.

“Sleigh Beds”, heavy in appearance, are usually very high, have slightly curved headboards and lower curved footboards. They will give your room the 19th century-look.

If you want your spacious bedroom to have the romantic and luxurious ambience then definitely choose the “Tester” or “Canopy Bed”. The draped fabric over the top and the sides of this four-poster bed provides warmth and comfort. Choose among Traditional and Contemporary designs.

If your taste is for the contemporary style, go for a “Hollywood Bed”. This very low bed does not take up a lot of space visually.

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