Some Of The Best Ways Of Unblocking A Sewer Drain

A blocked sewer drain is much worse than having a sink drain clogged. A blocked sewer drain will affect the whole plumbing system in your house. If the blocked sewer drain is not cleared, you can have sewage come back out of your drains. In the case of a blocked sewer drain, you will need blocked sewer drain Brisbane to deal with the blocked drain.

Diagnose the Problem

No matter what you do, the drains are going to work slowly if the sewer pipes are blocked. If you flush the toilet, you are going to hear gurgling sounds coming from the pipes, as the waste tries to push its way through the blockage. A plumber will try to eliminate any other causes first. If the drain is still running slow, they will use a miniature camera to inspect the inside of the sewer drains. This inspection will not only find blockages, it can also find any breakage or cracks that may also be adding to the problem. Knowing where and what the blockage is can help the plumber come up with an idea of what will hopefully work to remove the blockage.

Mechanically Clearing the Sewer

Mechanically clearing the sewer normally means using a drain snake to remove the blockage. The drain snake that is used for sewers is much longer, and may be powerful enough to remove the blockage. Many times, these drain snakes are attached to trucks and moved through the lines using power. Some will use water jets to clear the clog inside the sewer.

Chemically Clearing the Sewer

The only time that chemicals are used to clear a sewer blockage is if the blockage is known to be tree roots in the sewer lines. Most times, the chemical used is copper sulphate, and will be flushed down the toilet. This will have to be done regularly to keep the tree roots from becoming an issue again. There are many other chemicals that can be used to keep a sewer line clear. The chemical that should be used in your drains needs to be picked out by a plumber, as some chemicals can damage the plumbing in your house, or create a toxic gas. There are also some chemicals that have been banned from being used in plumbing, depending on where you live. Your plumber should have a knowledge of what chemicals are safe and allowed to be used on plumbing. If you have used any plumbing products, you should inform your plumber before they start the chemical treatment, as there could be a chemical reaction.