How to Buy Commercial Dish Washers

Commercial dishwashers are a must in the foodservice industry. They make clean-up fast and easy. These devices also ensure that the dishes, silverware and glassware are sanitised and safe for use. If you’re looking to buy warewashing equipment, here are a few considerations to make.

Do you want temperature control?

Some warewashing equipment comes with a high-and-low temperature function. This allows you to safely sanitise all tableware without using chemicals. They heat both the water and dishes to 71 degrees Celsius. They’re then rinsed at about 82 degrees Celsius. This effectively kills germs and bacteria.

Commercial dish washers with this function need a condensate hood to keep the heat inside. This helps concentrate the temperatures inside the device. They can be a bit bulky. This makes it less viable for small-scale operations.

How big are your operations?

Certain types of warewashing equipment are better for large-scale operations. For example, conveyor-types can process up to 1,000 racks of tableware a day. This makes them ideal for cafeterias, large restaurants and other establishments with high-volume operations. These devices are large and take up a lot of space, making them less ideal for small restaurants.

Medium-scale restaurants will benefit from door-type warewashing equipment. These are smaller, more compact conveyor-types and can process about 350 racks of tableware per day. Unlike conveyor-types that run the tableware through a belt, door-types run a cleaning cycle in one compartment. Newer models will have high-and-low temperature functions but will require more space.

Undercounter warewashing equipment is best suited for small restaurants. They are the most compact of the bunch. As the name suggests, they’re small enough to fit underneath counters and tables. They can process up to 30 racks of tableware a day.

The type of commercial dish washer you need is highly dependent on the type of restaurant you have. It will also depend on what functionalities you need from the machine. These tips should help you find the best warewashing equipment for your needs.

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