Things to Ask a Real Estate Agent when Buying a Property

Buying property is something one does not do every day. In case you’re contemplating on hiring real estate agent services to help you buy a good home, it is important you recruit a good agent. We live in a time where it is very easy to educate oneself about the various resources available.

However, certain things require more than just basic knowledge. This applies very well when you’re hiring a real estate agent. In Australia, it is common practice that realtors are interviewed by their potential clients before signing up for their services. Make sure they have proper and legal real estate license to practice.


Real estate agent services play it very smartly and construct a scenario leading the client to believe that he is the best buyer for a particular property. Don’t fall for that gimmick. Instead use your inquisitive acumen and find out if there’s competition for the property. It will give you an insight about how many inquiries have already been made for the property.

Also try to dig further and find out if and why any rejections were made on the property. Depending on the varying answers you may get from the agent, it could become your cue to quote your best price and then take a lead in the negotiations. The industrial real estate Bayswater workhard to give the best for their clients.

On the Market

Every property enjoys some time on the market. Ask the real estate agents about the market presence of the property. Seek more information about why it was taken off, and how much time has it been since. If the property’s not got any buyers in the real estate market, then you can acquire it at a lower price. While you’re at it, inquire if a price reduction took place at all, and when it happened.

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