The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Travelling With Campervans

Travelling and seeing the world in a mobile apartment can be one of life’s joys. However, it is important to note that despite the awesome feeling of freedom and fulfilment, travelling in this mode is also fraught with dangers. Knowing all of this will enhance preparation, and help mitigate against such dangers. To this end, here is a list of the good, the bad, and the ugly of campervans travelling.

The Good

Perhaps it is apt to start off with the benefits of travelling, or living in a campervan. Here are some of the best reasons you could ever live in a campervan:

• See the world: it is such a joy to see the world and enjoy different blends of what it has to offer. You are fuelled and buoyed by your new found freedom, or in other instances, happy to continue living the life you’ve always envisioned.

• Permanent Accommodation: Whether you have made the decision to live in your campervan for a few days, or to live in it permanently, you are off the rent paying list. Knowing you’ll always have a place to lay your head is a nice feeling of security.

• Available Transport: No need for bus ticket booking, or fare; you have your own permanent means of transport. One that affords you the luxury of seeing the world and moving at your own pace.

The Bad

Because of the limitations of campervans, there will always be things you will have to adjust to especially if you’re new to this. Some of those things will be:

• Toilets and showering: Whatever the size of your campervan, you can never have ample supply of water. You’ll have to learn to manage water, learn how to dispose of toilets, and where to dispose of it, and where to get water when you run out. It all makes for an interesting trip, you’ll have to enter camps to refill your water, and dispose your mini sewage.

• Initial Cost: Getting a van is capital intensive; whether you are buying a new one, a used one, or renting, it requires a few bucks.

• Maintenance: Firstly, it takes money to maintain, secondly, you’ll have to know a bit about vehicle maintenance if you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of no-where. It is also handy to have repair companies number around,

The Ugly

I can’t think of anything uglier than security. The nature of the travel means there will be time you will be alone by yourself. This means there’s always a permanent risk.

No matter where you’re travelling to or who you’re going with, ensure you have the basics locked down; car checked, water filled, batteries packed, healthy food packed, toiletries packed, maps packed, and torchlight packed. Nothing beats preparation; it will help you manage the good, the bad and ugly situations associated with campervans.

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