Selecting Vehicle Wraps For Your Restaurant Business

Your car wrap should sport a unique and catchy design that goes with your restaurant theme and it should definitely include your restaurant’s name, cuisine and all contact details. But you also need to include your restaurant’s USP – whatever it might be, from a special and popular dish to low prices or anything that makes your restaurant or ice cream shop a success and sets it apart from the other competitors.

Font and Contrast

Car wraps should ideally sport simple, clean and easy to read fonts that are decipherable from a distance, even when the car is moving. Avoid fancy scripts like British script or monotype Corsiva and other such cursive fonts that look stylish but are actually unreadable from a distance.

Next is the colour contrast – colourful fonts on a neutral, light coloured background or light coloured fonts on a dark background are recommended. Before choosing the colour scheme, look at the signage both at night time and day time to find out if it is intelligible. Include photo shopped photographs of some of your yummiest dishes to tickle the passers by’s taste buds as soon as they see the Vehicle wraps Sunshine Coast.

Customer is the King

When designing or creating vehicle wraps for your restaurant business, keep your customers and patrons in mind. Think of all those merits that would attract them. It takes time to build a restaurant brand and a loyal fan following, but you have to advertise in the right manner by marketing your delicious food to potential customers who have no idea about your existence. A car wrap can do just that without making you spend a mini fortune.

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