Casino Table Hire for Weddings

If you are planning a casino table hire setup for your wedding reception, you will need to decorate the venue in bright and vibrant colours. Staid, laid back black and white will not work with the theme.

Ask the decorators to use bright upholstery and table arrangements so that wedding venue resembles a real casino but don’t forget to provide for those who would still like a nook or corner to huddle and gossip in.

You can choose from various settings like Elvis, Vegas, and James Bond. The croupiers will dress accordingly. If you have wedding caterers, you can ask him to coordinate with the casino table rental for the dress code of the serving and other staff.

The Games

You can choose from several popular games like blackjack, craps, and roulette. You can also have a couple of slot machines. Your guests will be given “fun money” or tokens to play with and the winners can be given “gifts” at the end.

You could have a standard, uniform gift for all or you could make the gifts more personalized depending on the “amount won,” or how close you are to the person. A standard uniform gift for all works best however as there is no obvious discrimination and the fun remains in playing the game. You can reward personal favours separately.

Many casino table hire agencies provide a single window service which includes decoration, music, and singers so that the complete ambience and atmosphere is conducive to your theme.

Installing a shade sail will give more space for your guests. Check out here.

For special occasion like this, hire a professional photographer – wedding photographer.