Five Things to Consider When Selecting Event Caterers

Good food and professional catering services are appreciated by guests at any event. Knowing the options you have is important when you re selecting the right caterers for your event. These food service providers not only vary in their price but also the array of options they offer. Before choosing any catering company, you need to come up with a list of potential suitable caterers that have made a name for themselves in the industry such as the One Pot. So, from this list, you will select the catering company to work with.

The following are five things you should consider when interviewing food service providers for hiring

Types of meals

Meal types for events can range from sit-down dinners that have wait staff to buffet-style meals that require few staff. The buffet concept is preferred by many because it allows for decentralization into different stations. These are such as salad stations, meat carving and dessert stations. Family style meals are offered by some catering companies, where the staff supplies food in serving bowls for the table guests to serve themselves. Either way, choose the company that best suits your design of serving the meals.

Menu options

If children will be attending the event, you should ask the caterers whether they offer a specific children’s menu. While the price break might be significant, this is something that most catering companies tend to ignore. Be sure to ask the food service provider the menu options available for people who have food allergies or those who are purely vegetarians. These are very important considerations for n event in order for it to be successful.

Specific needs

Any special needs or requests you have in mind should be brought up during your interview. You need to find out if the catering company is willing to prepare certain dishes in a style that you want, and not how they are prepared on their regular menu.

Previous events

Ask to see portfolios of past events and take a look at reviews. This will help you to better understand the talents and styles of the catering company. In addition, it will allow you determine whether they can deliver quality services. Be sure to ask whether they provide barware, china, decorations and linens as part of the quotation or as an extra charge.


After narrowing down on your options, you need to schedule a tasting meeting. There are catering companies that have set dates for food tasting and sampling. Others handle it on a client-by-client basis. If tasting meetings cannot be scheduled, ask if you can order their samples to know what to expect from them.

Catering is sensitive, and you need to be certain that you will have reliable caterers to provide good food and services for your event.