How to Choose the Right Vape Flavour

Whether this is your first time to try vaping or you simply grew bored of your current e-juice, it’s always exciting to choose the flavour. And with over hundreds of different ones to choose from, it’ll be useful to have a set of guidelines to help you find the right one.

Here tips on choosing the right  vape flavour:

  • Think of your favourites

The reason why many so many vape flavours exist is that everybody has their own taste. Narrow down your choice by simply listing your favourite flavours on almost anything such as juice, ice cream, fruits and sweets.

  • Find your type

If you’ve spotted the vape flavour of your choice, specify a few more details you need to sort out as well.

First, do you want an e-juice that contains nicotine? This is highly popular among ex-smokers who still look for the sensation of tobacco without the tar.

Second, decide which one you want more of, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or Propylene Glycerin (PG)? VG contains a thicker and sweeter liquid which allows you to produce more vapour. PG, on the other hand, has a thinner consistency and produces similar sensation you get from smoking.

  • Know that it’s a constant trial-and-error process

Understand that part of finding the perfect flavour is not being discouraged to try again. Not only sellers allow testing and not all flavours you order online will be as you expected, whether it turns out to be better or worse.

The secret to it is finding a good manufacturer. If you were satisfied with one of their flavour, you can expect the same quality with the rest of their products.

By turning to vaping rather than smoking, you not only protect your body from the negative effects of tar, you also provide a safer environment for the people around you. Visit Joe’s Cloud House online for vape liquids and e cig supplies. With many flavours and tanks to choose from, you can certainly find one that fits your style.