What to Look for when Hiring Wedding Photographers

Your wedding day is supposed to be perfect. Special moments are captured in photos to help preserve special memories. It is best to work with wedding photographers that fit your personality and desired style. Always take the time to read online reviews regarding experiences others have had with the professional. This helps new clients see if the photographer captures photos at the right moments and with a great deal of finesse.

Testimonials from Previous Clients

Previous clients of wedding photographers often leave testimonials of their personal experiences. This helps other potential clients learn more about the photographer’s experience, temperament and ability to handle pressure. One of the benefits of reading these testimonials is that those leaving them are being completely honest in regards to their experience with the photographer.

Variety of Lenses Available

Wedding photographers in Sydney have a variety of lenses available. This is so that they can capture different moods and filter out inclement weather. The camera lenses also help capture close-up photos with perfectly clear details.

Lenses with colour filters should also be available. Some couples like to add colour to their photos or use a black and white
background, only highlighting their eye colours, colour accents in the attire and the flowers held or worn in the photos.

Availability of Props

Wedding photographers should always have props and scenery available. Should the weather be inclement, indoor photos are required. This means that recapturing the outdoor scenery needs to be done indoors.

Props also help make special photos possible, including a few comical options.

Props may include:

  • Old fashioned hats and batons
  • Western scenery
  • Backdrops
  • A trellis

These are common props. If you have a specific request, it is likely that the photographer will ask that you provide it.

Glowing Portfolio

Any professional photographer should have a portfolio. The photos should be in timeline format with items from the beginning of their business until the current year. The portfolio should display a variety of poses, lighting situations and props. Candid photos should be clear and without any blurring. Study each available photo carefully. Look for imperfections, slanted shots or anything that may not seem high-quality that may lead to a red flag that the photographer may not be an ideal match for your special day.

The reason to view the portfolio is so that you can see the photographer’s style. It should match your preferences. The portfolio should include their education, types of lenses available, experience and should include any high-profile clients that they have had.

Brisbane wedding photographers provide newlyweds with reminders of the special moments of their wedding day. Many couples also have anniversary photos completed by the same photographer as a revolving memoire. Always ask for a copy of the negatives and for a proofing selection. The proofing selection will allow you to pick which photos you wish to have developed and which you require multiples of to give to members of the wedding party and family members. Also discuss the special shots that you wish to have taken to ensure that the chosen photographer can accommodate the request.