Ways On How To Operate The AC Efficiently

Aside from proper installation and cleaning, it is important that you operate your AC wisely. Setting the AC at higher temperatures and using the ceiling fan to circulate air can save electricity. This can also offer a better comfort level than the still conditioned air which can get stuffy.
You can save over 20% on energy cost by shading the windows and retaining the cool air inside the room. Have thick curtains over the windows or you can install solar shade screens to block out the sunlight.

Reducing the level of moisture inside a room is another way of cutting electricity costs. Air conditioners dehumidify the air as well as cool it. If the humidity in the room is kept low, the Air con unit will have to exert less power to dehumidify.


Make sure that the condensing coil and the indoor coil are cleaned regularly. Accumulation of dust and grime on these coils will reduce the efficiency of the AC. Heat from the room is dumped by the condensing coil and air flows over the indoor coil to be cooled. If these coils are damp, dust and mould can accumulate. This will not only reduce the efficiency of your AC unit, it also means that you are breathing unhealthy air! Ask Air con installs Brisbane Commercial if they offer annual maintenance contracts whereunder these coils are cleaned every six months.

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