Areas on which Compensation can be Claimed

Once your compensation lawyer has assured you that you are entitled to claim compensation from the guilty/involved party for your injury/loss, you have to figure out which area to file your claim on.

Cases pertaining to intentional wrong are considered to be the gravest. This deals with criminal intent and usually includes acts of willful wrong doing. Victims of sexual abuse, battering and harassment can claim compensation from their offenders by using “intentional wrong” as a ground. Here the accused is believed to have harmed the victim while in the full possession of his senses and with a valid intent.

Negligence or extreme carelessness is another area on which an accident victim filing for damages can claim compensation. Here, the involved or responsible party could have prevented the accident but did not because of carelessness or negligence.

For example, if you hurt yourself on a slippery floor inside a shop it’s the negligence on the part of the shop owners for not keeping the floor dry and not displaying appropriate signage. In this case you are perfectly entitled to claim compensation for your injury from the shopkeeper with the help of your compensation lawyers.

The third area in which compensatory claims can be filed is liability or responsibility. Harm caused by the consumption/use of defective products is the liability of the manufacturer. Even if there is no willful intent or negligence, the compensation lawyers hired by an injured party can file claims under product liability.

Note down the names, contact numbers, addresses of other drivers who might have been involved and witnesses who might be able to give a telltale account of what had actually transpired. Make a rough inspection of the damage caused to other vehicles and jot down their registration and model numbers. Inform your vehicle insurance as early as possible.

If you’ve been injured yourself you’d need some time to recover sufficiently to get back to working ways. Once you’ve convalesced adequately, write down in detail possibly with sketches of the scene of mishap. Try to write on a step by step basis that’ll help when you need to narrate the episode over and over again to compensation lawyers.

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