Legal Aspects in Corporate Video Production

Copyright law is law that protects one’s copyright be in video or otherwise from any copy, transfer, sale, lease or any other arrangement. This law protects ones content from use buy other parties that may attempt or have such a motive without the permission of the owner. Corporate video production is also governed by these laws.

Copyright infringement

Infringement refers to the use one’s work or content for another benefit. This is an offense and attracts a penalty on the part of the offender or a jail term or both depending on the law governing a particular jurisdiction. This penalty is even greater for persons committing such offenses willfully.


Persons appearing in a video need to sign a release form that they appear in a certain part or play a particular role. This maybe regrettable for people who do not sign such release clauses and the part they appear in the video has not been specified.

Legal Audio

Music or sound should not be copied from the internet as this may amount to the infringement of one’s copyrights. One should buyout such music or licenses or obtains permission from the owners of the music or sounds.

Stills and images

The use of still videos images by corporate video companies must be original or must be allowed by the original owners to avoid any infringement of the rights

Fair use

Some certain laws allow for certain work to be copied or used by different parties. This includes news such as news reporting, scientific research, criticism, parody and others. This is usually taken advantage of by


One should register a video whether corporate or not at the relevant offices to avoid or limit the copying or use of one’s material as original content

Duration of a copyright

The creation of copyrights that govern corporate video production depends on many factors such as the date of death of the creator, when such material was published, when such material was first created. The material is usually stretched out for a longer period if the creator is known in this case for all material whether corporate video or otherwise. The copyright period is usually shorter for material whose creator is not known. This however depends on the various jurisdictions in various countries. It is advisable to have releases signed out earlier to avoid dealing with legal issues later. This simplifies the process of obtaining a copyright. Once registered one should be confident that his or her corporate video or other original material I is safe from being copied legally speaking.

Copyright infringement is an offense all over the world and is punishable by law of the land where the originator of the corporate video, normal video or other original material is from.

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