A Few Health Benefits of Creatine

Creatine is a natural substance produced by liver, which helps in supplying energy to all the cells of your body esp. muscle cells. It has reserved a special place for itself in past few years, due to its amazing capacity of making your body resilient, and enhancing the stamina of your body. Health benefits of creatine are numerous.

Combat Against Parkinson’s disease

Creatine is effective in combating against Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease, which basically is a neurodegenerative disease, causes the loss of cells in your body. The supplement in combination with some enzymes can control the loss of cells, and save you from the degenerating effects of the disease.

Combat Against Muscle Dystrophy

Muscle dystrophy is a common problem, making the muscles become fragile. Studies depict that people consuming creatine are found to have more muscle strength as compared to those who didn’t take any supplement. It can effectively be used by people suffering from muscle dystrophy and make their muscles strong and powerful. An intake of body building supplements every work out is beneficial.

Anti-Depression Agent

Buying Creatine powders can be considered as an anti-depression agent because it assists your body in combating against stress hormone. Research shows that women found to be consuming creatine along-with antidepressant drugs recovered faster from depression as compared to women who took antidepressants alone.

Bone Healing

Creatine can also be used by people suffering from osteoporosis because it can effectively heal your bones. It significantly enhances the functioning of alkaline phosphate, which is responsible for the formation, maintenance and repair of bone cells. Creatine increases cellular energy which is directly related to bone formation.