Types of Building Demolition Methods

There are various different kinds of demolition methods to choose from. Many developers finally make a choice based on various factors like budget, project requirement, type of material in the existing structure after the building inspections. In order to know more about the commonly used building demolition methods, read on below.

Demolition by hand

Demolitions by hand require the use of hand tools. It is not a simple process but is undertaken when buildings are too close together. Hand demolition limits chance of sudden collapse or too much sudden debris. For your safety, opt for http://www.anademolitions.com.au/

When a demolition company opt for hand demolitions, they usually follow the process of demolishing one storey at a time. That way debris can be collected properly and the surrounding area is not affected much. Specific safety norms need to be followed to ensure that floors are demolished properly so as not crash into the ones below. This can potentially lead to a severe hazard if it does.

Engineers and professional demolishing squads assess the area, the structure and size of building before deciding whether to go in for a hand demolition or other procedure. In some cases, hand demolitions may be conducted because of stringent budgets and related problems too. Compared to other demolition methods, hand demolitions are cheaper.

Demolition by deliberate collapse

Deliberate collapse is a method often used by professionals to save on time and money. As the name suggests, a part of the structure is damaged intentionally so it can lead to an overall collapse of the structure.

Other methods may include wire rope pulling, the push arm method, grapple method, underwater demolition and more.

With all the demolition methods available, see to it that the demolition team that you will hire are well aware about the proper waste management – especially when it comes to hazardous materials like asbestos.

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