Tips for Preventing Tooth Decay

A beautiful smile is something that everybody wishes for but few people are fortunate enough to be blessed with one. Maintaining your smile is directly dependant on the condition of your teeth so the first thing you should do is to practice a good oral care routine. Normally people assume that oral care begins and ends with brushing and flossing throwing in an occasional mouthwash. Consulting best teeth whitening Gold Coast is the best option when it comes to dental care.

Maintain a low sugar diet

Sugar is the biggest enemy of your teeth. Eating a diet rich in fermented carbohydrates all the time is a sure fire formula of rotting teeth. A good dentist will tell you that you should keep the consumption of certain kinds of foods and beverages to a minimum. This includes fizzy drinks, coffee and tea loaded with white sugar, candy and sticky chocolate, crispies, sugared biscuits and white bread. You might think that this rules out all your favourite snacks.

Don’t worry there are healthier diet options like cheese, fresh veggies and fruits and oral friendly chewing gum. Always aim at consuming more of unrefined carbohydrates like brown bread, pasta, rice, eggs and potatoes.

Keep an eye on the labels

Form the habit of checking out packets of food you purchase for the labels. Sugars come disguised in many forms like fructose, glucose, honey, maltpse, dextrose sucrose and syrup. Most food manufacturers will give a graded list of ingredients at the back of the food packet. If you see sugar listed at the top of the list then you should look for a healthier packet.