A divorce takes an emotional toll on all concerned. However, remember that there is a life ahead and you can look forward to it.

A mediator is a person who will be neutral in nature and will try and help both the parties reach a mutual decision. In case an agreement is not reached out of the court then it will be necessary to take the matter to the court. If an agreement is reached then your lawyers will put the same in writing so that it is binding on both the parties.
Family Lawyers Sydney understand the emotional ride that you go through whenever a separation is in process and hence try their best to complete all the formalities by themselves. This not just relieves you of the legal stress but also gives you time to start your own healing process.

Compensation Lawyers

If there is no positive result of the hearing, the case will proceed to the district court. Your compensation lawyer will take on the legal documentation required and will brief you on the process of filing a claim. All details of the accident needs to be documented and sent to court. Scheduling a hearing at the district court may take upto 9 months.

The final court hearing

All unresolved claims will be heard at the district court where your compensation lawyer will represent your case to your best interests. The presiding judge will hear out both parties and will give out a ruling based on the validity of your claim. The entire process starting from writing your claim letter to the court hearing will take about 19 months.

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