Tips for Dividing Property during Divorce

Divorce is an unpleasant possible reality for most couples nowadays what with redefined norms of relationships and soaring stress levels. You will eventually have to think about dividing your assets equitably amongst yourselves if you are contemplating a divorce. This is the trickiest and ugliest part that good divorce lawyers can help you navigate your way out of this mess.

Advice to get you started

It will help your cause considerably if you both sit down and create a joint list of items you both own. Decide on the items that hold considerable commercial value and keep them in a separate category from articles that have insignificant “resale value”.

It is best to decide on a benchmark value (say 200 dollars) while listing. This way you can separate items above the value of $200 from the ones below it.

Get antique items or artifacts valued by a professional to clear any doubts about its commercial value. Whatever items you can mutually decide on transferring ownership should be sorted out first. If you decide to split the value of a particular item list down whatever amount falls in each of your shares.

Normally the court will agree and give a consent order to any kind of fair agreement both of you reach in terms of the division of your property and assets. However if the court feels that one of you is exploiting the other in some way, the judge will step in with his own questions.

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