A Guide to Taking a Divorce

A divorce can set off an immense financial and emotional stress on all members of the family. In additional, there are several legal requirements that may be distinct for diverse cases. It is wise to seek the counsel and services offered by Divorce Lawyer Sydney. A reputed lawyer serves to guide the individuals involved in the process. Also Read Family Lawyers

Eligibility for Divorce

Individuals who intend to take a divorce must be Australian citizens, permanent residents of the country or born in Australia. They will need to furnish a marriage certificate and an evidence of the fact that they have been living separately for not less than twelve months, prior to the application procedure for divorce. In addition, the couple must have been married for at least two years.

Filing the Application

Individuals may file divorce applications with the help of divorce lawyers in the Federal Magistrates Court. In general, divorce applications entail a fee. However, the authorities let off the fee, if the applicant receives the Commonwealth Government Allowance, and student benefits like AUSTUDY and ABSTUDY. Additionally, the individual may not pay the fee, if he or she can provide evidence of financial adversity.

Serving Notice for Divorce Papers

The applicant must notify the partner after putting in the application. An individual can send the papers and an acknowledgement form by post. The partner ought to return the document after completing and signing the form. The applicant may use the services of a third party to deliver the documents, as well. If the receiver fails to sign the form, the third party can issue an affidavit to state that the partner received the divorce application

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