What to Do Before a Doctors Surgery

A doctors surgery can be a pretty stressful event in itself. Aside from being very expensive, the apprehension of not knowing what is going to happen during your doctors surgery is really bad. Add to that the amount of time you have to stay in the hospital to recover, the same amount of time you should be spending with your friends and family or finishing work in the office.

However, there are ways to prepare and make your doctors surgery less stressful than it could be. Here’s what you need to do before your doctors surgery to help it be as smooth sailing as it possibly could be.

1. Scheduling. If you are having an elective surgery, make sure you schedule it during the non-peak days in your work. This is to minimize the amount of work that would pile up while you are away. Also check your relatives’ schedule. You will be needing them to take care of you during your stay in the hospital and it is best to inform them about your operation months before so they can make the necessary arrangements to be able to attend to your needs. Also, avoid them the hassle of being sent away by the nurses by getting the schedule of visiting hours in the hospital.

2. Assessment. Make sure to go to your pre-operative assessment. This will ensure that you are in good condition and are operable. Do not lie to your doctor about your conditions as these will determine the course of your surgery and some require necessary procedures to be done as precaution. Moreover, take note of all the things they tell you to do before the surgery. Some surgeries require you to stop eating for before the surgery to prevent vomiting when given an anesthetic. Some surgeries require you to stop taking medications like aspirin to prevent heavy bleeding intra-operatively. Be very mindful of information like these. Aside from the things that you need to do, they will also advise you on how long you need to stay in the hospital. This will then let you know as what things to prepare.

3. Hospital bag. If your surgery will require you to stay in the hospital for a long time, it is best to pack for it. You may want to include comfortable clothing such as day dresses and lots of clean underwear. Aside from that, you may want to bring your own hygiene kit. Some hospitals give away hygiene kits to the patient but it is still best to pack your own. You can also pack additional blankets because some hospitals do not have adjustable air-conditioning system and waiting for the requested blanket to come might make you feel very uncomfortable and cold.

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