Signs of Abusive Relationships

Domestic violence or abuse in a relationship is something that happens each day all over the world and may be your best friend or sister is a victim.And yet because of the sensitive nature of the relationship, victims most often try to deny the whole problem. Domestic violence and abuse need not always be physical or sexual in nature, it can be emotional or psychological as well. See Family Lawyer Sydney

Some common signs of domestic violence and abuse include being afraid of the partner at all times; being humiliated, yelled at, criticised or put down; being treated so badly that you are embarrassed to come out in front of your family and friends; being sexually assaulted or raped in perverse manners, forced degrading sex, being blamed for your partner’s abusive behaviour, feeling emotionally helpless or numb, getting beaten up if you protest and believing that you deserve the ill treatment that you are receiving.

Some abusive partners even threaten to kill or take away the kids and destroy them. Sometimes, partners along with other accomplices in the family set a defenceless woman on fire or pour acid on her face or control every movement of the partner or destroy the victim’s belongings.

Domestic Abuse Signs to Watch Out For

If an individual in a relationship constantly talks about suicide or attempts suicide or suffers from depression or shows signs of depression such as no interest in daily activities, hopelessness, sadness – it might be a warning sign of domestic abuse.

Some other common warning signs to watch out for are alcohol or substance abuse problems, suffering from extremely low self-esteem, always being extremely meek, submissive and apologetic or overtly defensive. Some victims of domestic abuse gather up the courage to refer to her partner’s temper but remain mum about abuse or physical/mental torture.

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