Various Services Provided by a Drafting Service

You can use the local directory or the internet to find out drafting services in your locality. You can tell them your requirements and ask for their quotes.

Choose a drafting service that is a balance between your budgets and needs. It is advisable to take a feedback of their work from their previous clients and their testimonials. This will give you a fair idea about the working of the service and if you will be comfortable with it.

Drafting services can help you with making the classical floor and architectural plans. But thanks to the latest software developments, you can ask for cut sections, elevations and even 3D renderings of the construction.

In providing practical solutions for you, choose a reliable planning approval experts.

Floor plans

These are the essentially flat and tell about the distribution and arrangement of various areas inside a structure. Floor plans are enhanced with the help of 3D images so that you will feel as if you are present there and looking at the final property.


This is one of the most advanced architectural drafting services that give buyers, viewers and the investors an idea about the how the final construction will look like. Elevations are directional like, you will come across images and plans of north elevation etc. This shows you how the structure will look in that particular direction.

Cross Section

This shows the cut though of your structure. Drafting services will provide a set of plans and complicated images that show the interior as well as a section of exterior which gives you a visualization of placement of floors and other interiors with respect to the ground.