What to do when You Are charged With an Offence Involving Drugs

You should bear in mind that your drug lawyer will be able to prepare a watertight defence strategy only when you discuss in detail and give him an authentic account. Your interactions with your defence lawyer should be frank and candid. That way, he’ll be able to organize a robust strategy with sufficient rebuttals.

So even if you’re truly guilty of all the drug use charges levelled against you, portraying your side of the story in a fair way, will at least help you to plead for lesser charges. Remember that your drug defence lawyer is an experienced legal professional who can present your case in hundred different ways. So you should do your best in relating the most accurate account of your episode.

For possessing and distributing Class or Category ‘A’ drugs like cocaine, heroin, LSD, and methadone can lead to life imprisonment (maximum sentence). For possessing Class ‘B’ and Class ‘C’ drugs, the maximum sentence can lead to your serving time for 14 and 5 years respectively.

When faced with any of drug possession charges, it is best to hire a drug defence attorney and tell him the true story.

You can get a psychiatrist to write a court report stating that you are using drugs because you are under treatment for abnormal medical conditions. This might help you steer clear of your drug use charges or reduce your punishment.

Be aware of your rights when you are charged with the offence. You can remain silent and let your lawyer do the talking. Hiring a lawyer is always helpful as he can guide you well about court procedures, penalties and the gravity of your offence.

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