Essential Supplements Your Pets

Just like humans, pets can greatly benefit from supplements. They’re an organic way to boost your furry friend’s health. Most pet owners don’t usually think “organic” when it comes to their pets, but they should. They’re a healthy alternative to vitamins we normally give our furry companions.

If you’re interested in a more natural solution to your pet’s health needs, here are a few supplements you should try:

Organic Pet Calming Capsules

If you’ve ever had a particularly stressful visit to the vet or groomers, you’ll know how hard it is to keep your animal friend calm. From the pet owner’s point of view, it can be hard to handle an agitated animal. They could even be dangerous to yourself or others.

It’s also hard for pets. When animals get confused or scared, they can get defensive. Dogs, in particular, have a tendency to bite and growl. Cats, on the other hand, will bite, scratch and hiss. Organic pet calming capsules provide a natural way to keep your pets calm during your regular visit to the vet or groomers. They’re also effective if your pet is having trouble sleeping.

Omega-3 (Fish Oil)

Fish oil is largely beneficial to both dogs and cats. They’ve been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties. This helps your pets in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Reducing joint pain
  2. Helps keep the kidneys and heart healthy
  3. Relieves itchy, flaky skin
  4. Treats hot spots
  5. Promotes the development of healthy eyes and brains in kittens and puppies
  6. Slows cancer growth
  7. Makes fur and coats shiny
  8. Reduces hairballs

Because fish oil is beneficial to your pets, even veterinarians recommend it.

Organic Multivitamins

There are a variety of organic multivitamins available for your pets. Deer velvet, chondroitin and glucosamine are common ingredients and are sourced from natural materials. On the other hand, some are made with ingredients from the sea, such as mussels.

Although supplements can benefit your furry companion greatly, you should never use it as a substitute if your vet has prescribed medicine. For more information about the organic NZ supplements, don’t hesitate to contact Silberhorn today.