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Strippers are generally portrayed as females who have very low moral values and disreputable. But what many of us don’t know is that, strippers come from many different backgrounds. Some of them are moms or college students who try to support themselves in their schooling. Some are singers or professional dancers. But despite of how people view strippers, why do some women still opt to endure the criticisms brought about by this notorious job?

Is it the same as wanting to be a teacher, or maybe a nurse? Not really. You see, unlike the said professions, a woman only needs to be extra nice and give out a killer smile, not to mention a trimmed and super nice body to be a female strippers Gold Coast. It doesn’t even require her to be in the strip clubs every night. Three to four nights would do.

If you have been to McDonald’s or any fast food chain, surely you have noticed the girls behind the counter. Most of them possess pleasing personality, and their smiles seem to be plastered on their faces the whole time – from taking your order up to bagging your burger, fries and drinks. But have you ever wonder how much they actually earn from their job? A minimum wager takes home roughly Php8000 a month, considering that they are working eight hours a day, five days a week. Some of them are college graduate, some are still studying, some are undergrad. Despite the tiring demands of their job, they feel inadequate and compensated less.

This is why some women decide to be a strippers for hire. The same reason why most of us are forced to do the job we don’t really want to. Money.

For some reason, women whose jobs are inclined with selling and psychology tend to earn more than they should. They are the ones who live a quite luxurious life – from expensive looking houses, fancy cars, dresses and jewelries. They have lots of money for shopping and other vices.

But not all strippers dancing in bachelor parties see their job as a lifetime source of income. Most of them treat it as a temporary gig, until they find that perfect job, or until they finish school, which is good. But sadly, there are some of those who are being victimized by some dishonest strip clubs. Instead of giving them what’s due, they are being exploited and corrupted, worse, they are being led to prostitution.