Fibreglass Pools Cost: Why It’s Worth the Price

More and more people are turning away from traditional materials for their inground swimming pool. Fast and easy installation, minimum maintenance and modern aesthetics prove that even though fibreglass pools cost more, it’s worth it.

Fast and Easy Installation

Whilst a concrete pool takes about 2-4 months to finish, a fibreglass one only takes about a month. Imagine the time, manpower and resources you save from it.

Low Maintenance

Fibreglass pools are coated with a special type of gel that helps resist the growth of algae, unlike the fast growth of it in concrete and vinyl liner ones.

And because it’s low maintenance, frequent repairs won’t be necessary. Also, no parent wants her child to be swimming in a pool of chemicals.


Breaking away for the typical rectangular-shaped pool, there are different styles for a swimming pool such as the infinity type, where your pool is designed to blend with the look and feel of the sea; the free-form type, where there’s no definite shape; and the geometric type, where it’s all about the edges and corners.

With a wide array of designs to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits the overall look and style of your home.


One of the leading swimming injuries are sprains caused by slippery tiles. Keep your kids safe when you invest in fibreglass pools that come with non-slip floors.


One of the most popular myths on fibreglass pools is that it won’t be able to stand against strong weather conditions. But that’s not true at all. It will not break from being exposed to blinding UV rays of the sun or chilly winds during winter.

It’s nice to know that people now have more options on the type of pool they want for their home. That even though fibreglass pools cost a bit higher, its benefits prove that it’s worth every dollar. Visit My Fibreglass Pool’s website to start planning for yours today!