How to Get a Certificate III in Aged Care

A Certificate III in aged care opens a lot of career opportunities for individuals. People with advanced age continue to grow in Australia. In fact, in 2016, 3.7 million people were aged 65 or more. That’s 15% of the country’s population. The demand for elderly support continues to grow yearly, creating a need for qualified professionals in the field.

If you’re thinking of getting certified in this field, here’s how.

What course should you be taking?

The Individual Support course – also known as CHC33015 – course gives students the basics of treating the elderly. It gives candidates the tools to identify the signs of a healthy body, communicate well with the elderly, follow the safest work practices, provide support for people who have dementia and administer medication.

The course also teaches students how to make home life more comfortable with both the elderly and their families. They are taught to empower older people by identifying areas where they need the most support.

What type of job do you want?

Those who are awarded this certification are qualified for the following jobs:

Assistant in Nursing
Residential Healthcare Worker
Community Healthcare Worker
Healthcare Worker
Residential Support Worker
Home Healthcare Worker

Individuals can work in nursing homes, public centres and residential settings – any place where the elderly need support.

What are the requirements?

The age requirement for this course is 16 years old. However, individuals who are younger than 18 years old must present a consent form signed by their parents or guardian. The course is a mix of online and classroom learning. Written assessments are administered throughout the training process. No prerequisite courses are needed before this type of certification.

Whilst there is no formal education mandatory for this course, satisfactory skills in English, math and reading/comprehension are still necessary. Basic computer skills are also a must, as most educational institutions require the need for online learning. This is why most schools and training centres require candidates to pass a basic Language, Literacy and Numeracy test before enrolment.

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