Types of Glass Pool Fences

The balustrade support is different in different types of pool fences. If you want to install a fence without any visible supporting channel, you can opt for a frameless glass pool fence.

Frameless fences are devoid of any metal supporting posts and instead rely on strong clamps which hold the entire structure in place from the bottom. The main advantage of these kinds of fences is that the view remains unblocked. There are mini clamps/ spigots which hold up the structure. Core drilling these little spigots into concrete is all that it takes. However if you want privacy for your swimming pool, this is not your ideal choice.

Semi frameless glass fences have strong aluminum or steel posts for support which boost up the entire structure. These kinds of pool fencing are comparatively low cost and are a popular choice with many families.

You can choose from circular or square glass posts according to your design sensibilities. You also have the option from choosing from a wide variety of colour coatings to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your fence.

Many agencies offer the option of getting the base of pool fences coated with a layer of timber. The glass used to construct these fences is toughened and has a thickness of 8-10 mm. Customised glass sizes are also available in case you have special requirements. Installing a glass pool fence won’t require any major modifications to your property. Remember, whatever kind of fence you choose has be installed in accordance to the Swimming Pool safety Act.