Advantages of Glass Washers over Dishwashers

There are certain things you certainly need to be aware while choosing a commercial glass washer over a dish washer. Apart from the cost implication other factors also apply in the way they operate. At a glance, you may think a glass washer and a dishwasher are technically the same thing, since they are used in cleaning the utensils that are inside them. Glass washers are designed to clean glasses, but can also do a good task in washing plates and cutlery too. This will make you ask, why should you have both or more so why you should invest in a washer in the first place. This is attributed to the fact that a dishwasher, unlike a commercial glass washer can be utilized to wash plates and other utensils too.

This is correct, a glass washer has some limitations in how they work and may not be in a position to give every service that you may need. But they have many advantages that they could offer to commercial users and large families. Some of these advantages are:

Faster washes

They offer fast washes, for even a medium sized washer can normally handle 15-20 racks per hour, which corresponds to around 200 glasses washed in each cycle. Unlike a dish washer that takes time to make sure all items are fully cleaned, commercial glass washer is much faster, since if a dish will go as fast as they take cleaning the largest utensils.


A glass washer is much better for your glassware, although a dishwasher as some overkill on cleaning glasses. When it is required to wash large pots, pans or other little kitchen items, it would be exposing glassware’s to high temperatures if mixed with them which will result in wearing out over time. On the other hand, a glass washer will use weaker detergent and its wash cycles are usually shorter and will do little or no damage to your glassware.

Better results

It is very irritating on how the dishwasher leaves, white streak marks after washing the glass. This is usually as a result of strong detergent that is used and will normally not amaze your customers. On the other hand, glass washers will not leave any marks, so be sure of sparkling glasses when you use it to clean your glasses.


Depending on size, some industrial washers have a large cleaning capability. They can make up to 400 glasses per hour, saving time and your staff can be able to tend to other issues in the process.

Less expensive:

In comparison to other cleaning appliances for your commercial kitchen needs, an industrial washer is less costly and will usually pay for itself due to the time it helps in saving time.