Home Sellers Checklist

You need to tidy up your home, garden and yard so that potential homebuyers get a good feel when they visit your property for a once over. Remember it is the first impression that counts the most.

The Paper Work

This is a big part of real estate selling and by far the most complicated. The first step in this stage is to get your ownership papers in order. If you have been living on the property for several years, you may not have even glanced at them for a long time. Get them out and check that the deed is in order.

The rest comes after you have found a buyer for the property when you will have to prepare a contract of sale. You will have to discuss the terms of the sale with the buyer. The best place to do this is at Sunshine Coast Property Agent’s office which is a neutral ground for both buyer and seller.

Once the rough draft is ready, the real estate agent or a solicitor or conveyancer can draw up the final contract which both you and the buyer will have to sign.

Estate agents can guide you about the legal aspects of the deal and you can draw up a rough draft of the contract. Call the Del Mar estate San Diego to help you.

After you have signed the contract all that is left is for you to receive full payment against the property and hand over the keys to the new owner. You can then move into your own new home in peace.

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