All about Industrial Deafness

What is this type of deafness?

This type of hearing loss is brought about by the poor work conditions. Hearing loss may be due to different reasons such as hereditary and some viral or bacterial infections. But industrial deafness is due to the poor and unsatisfactory work conditions. There are work areas wherein the loud sounds cannot be avoided. These are the mining sectors, the construction sectors, factories with huge machineries, among others. These sectors are required by law to make it safer for their workers in order to prevent industrial deafness. It is either they are required to lessen the amount of noise or if this cannot be done, the workers must wear ear protectors provided by the employers. But id these safety measures are not met by the employer and if you think you are suffering from hearing loss, then you can file for worker compensation.

Who is to be blamed for industrial deafness?

There is a law that requires employers to give the workers safer and more humane work place. The latest technology makes it possible for machineries to perform in a quieter level and there are ear plugs that will tune out some of the loud noises. It is the duty of the employer to give its workers the safe environment so they will not suffer from industrial deafness.

What are the symptoms?

Industrial deafness occurs after repeated and long exposures to loud noises. You will not lose your sense of hearing in a matter of days only. The most common symptom are the ringing in the ears, the inability to hear some words, and the need to increase the volume of say, the television or the voices of the individuals the sufferer is talking to. If you begin to experience these symptoms, you may be already suffering from industrial deafness. Some are only temporary while some may suffer for life. As a result, the person loses the capacity for employments and the quality of life deteriorates.

What can be done?

If you think you are a victim of unhealthy work environment, then you have the right to demand for some financial help. But you have to prove that you are indeed a victim and that the hearing loss is work related. Now you can apply for help online and you will be given some hearing tests for free. After the works have been done and the tests show that you suffer from industrial deafness, then it is time to file a case so you will be compensated accordingly. Seek advice from the professionals for industrial deafness claim.