The Different Accommodations In Bounty Resort

Bounty Resort is one of the best accommodations that you can book into in the many islands of Fiji. Yes Fiji is composed of 333 islands in which Mamanuca islands are part of them. Among the many jewels of mamanuca islands is the Bounty Resort. That is right, this resort is considered one of the jewels that you can check out. You see, Mamanuca islands are part of the most visited places in Fiji by tourists who prefer to have a change of scenery. Mamanuca islands are actually volcanic archipelago thus it would be interesting to check on your long planned weekend trips. However, aside from Mamanuca islands, there are still so many things that you can check here in Fiji. But before you can check all of them out, you must secure a room first to ensure that you can do all the things you want to do in Fiji.

Below are the different types of accommodations in Bounty Resort:

– First is the beachfront bure. This accommodation can accommodate two people as it is with a queen size bed. However, it can also be altered so that two kids can still be accommodated. It is equipped with a mini bar refrigerator, coffee making facilities, mosquito netting, and fully air conditioned. It is also equipped with hot and cold shower thus you can take a shower anytime you need or want. There is also a private deck and a personal hammock meters away from your accommodation so you can also choose to relax there.

– Then next is the island bure. This one is cheaper than the first type of accommodation as it is only equipped with a ceiling fan though still mosquito netting. Just like the first accommodation, it is also equipped with mini bar refrigerator and coffee making facilities. If you are fond of parties and in a short weekend getaway, then this accommodation is the right one for you as it is just 50 meters from the beach and 40 meters from the bar. This accommodation can also accommodate 2 people and can still be altered so that two kids can also be accommodated.

– Then they also have the air conditioned dormitory which is situated 20 meters from the beach. They’re dormitory can accommodate up to 20 guests. Since they are using oversized beds, you will surely be comfortable in it. The renter will be supplied with sheets and pillow though if you need to use towels and you did not bring your own, then you can rent one from them.

The good thing with Bounty Resort is it is just about 45 minutes away from the mainland. So, if there are things you need to do there or you simply want to check it out as well, then it will just be easy. Yes, Fiji holidays 2015 has indeed a lot to offer thus it is just right that on your next vacation, you should do it here. In fact, it would be best if you will be with your entire family so that you will not regret it.