Tips for Choosing a Kneeboard

Knee Boarding is a very popular water sport and is especially recommended for people who are new to water based sports. Knee boarding enjoys a lot of unique advantages such a low center of gravity for the participants. This essentially means that you can get back on your board easily a compared to other sports like water skiing. Knee boarding has an easier learning curve and there are a lot of tricks and tips here to make your ride even smoother.

Choose your board first

You will have to choose between the two major versions the trick and the salom. A trick board has a good expanse of curvature on the bottom of the board and comes equipped with strong rails. A salom board has a flat bottom with sharper rails.

Some Slalom boards have inbuilt fins and this is a feature missing in trick boards. You can look out for bards with retractable fins as they can be used in dual roles.

Get the Belly Start

Once you are done with your chosen board you need to learn how to manage yourself in water and do some great tricks. A very good tip is to know the bellystart.

You have to lie down straight on the Knee boards with your stomach touching the surface. You have to ensure that the protruding tip of the board juts out of the water. Firmly hold the rope with one hand and hold on to the side of the knee board with the other hand.