Common Languages used for Web Design

When designing websites, codes are employed to make website ideas real. These codes, more identified as a language, are the tools necessary to create and build a web page. Here are some common languages used for web design and what their functions are.


HTML, or the Hyper Text Markup Language, is the backbone of the website. A website cannot exist without this. This is the most basic language and at the same time, hands down the easiest, that a person should learn when creating a website. It makes use commands that have to be encased in angle brackets (< or >) that begin with this < > and end with this </ >. Usually these commands, which are called tags, are understandable in itself as these are often encountered in other programs such as b for bold text, header for creating a website header and even frame for putting divisions in your website. Websites can be simply created in a notepad bearing the HTML codes and should be saved as .html instead of .txt. This is the first step in web design – creating the structure called HTML.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

The CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheet, is another language that makes up the appearance of your website such as the background colors, font styles and even the layout. CSS is a slightly complicated language to learn but also the most powerful. It is the key to web design and almost every website existing today has CSS embedded in their code. CSS is found in the body of the HTML code and are easily spotted as they are more focused on the details. Unlike the HTML which starts with angle brackets, the CSS code starts with a curly bracket or { }. The CSS is responsible for giving life and vibrancy to a website. Without it, the website that runs solely on HTML will look flat and boring.


Javascript is perhaps the most challenging language to learn and apply when creating or designing a website. In web design, there are various purposes of the Javascript. One of its popular uses is for creating accounts complete with passwords. Website commands that pop up in your screen are also powered by Javascript. While the CSS is responsible for making your website look attractive, the Javascript’s function is to make sure your website runs in accordance to how it was designed.

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