Leading Causes of Leaking Shower

A leaking shower is one of the leading household problems. And you know what, it’s perfectly normal to experience this glitch.

Whether it’s because you had a faulty one installed or because your shower has been in your home for more than a decade, aren’t you glad that there are professional plumbers that operate 24/7?

Here are the leading causes of a leaking shower:

Leaking Drains

The drainages connected to your pipes can be connected to various objects and appliances to your homes such as your kitchen sink, toilet, dishwashing machine, washing machine and shower.

Therefore, just because there is a leak in your bathroom, it doesn’t automatically mean that you’re experiencing a leaking shower. It could be that the damage is from loose or cracked water supply connections or pipes.

Flaking Paint

If you start to notice the flaking paint on your wall, it’s most likely a leak. Remember, not all bathrooms have tiled walls and bathroom floors.

Cracking Tiles

Even though your bathroom walls are safe from paint flaking, it doesn’t mean leaking won’t do your tiles any harm.

A leaking shower can cause your tiles to crack or lift away from the wall. Not only it decrees the value of your home, but also harm the people who might slip through the crack or cut themselves from the sharp edges.

Damp and Smelly Carpet

Because a leak causes an unexplainable flood, it can damage your well-maintained carpet without even noticing it. When the material is not dried in direct sunlight, the damp water can cause unsettling odour all over the house.

Leaks are common but can totally give a serious problem to a homeowner. Make sure to have the material fixed by experts. This way, everything can go back to normal in no time. Check out www.totallysealed.com.au for more information.