Complete Description of Line Marking

Whenever the line is made with paint or tape, everyone wants it to be straight. There are techniques used for this, line marking is one of the technique used for this. This helps in insuring that the line is straight as obligatory. Marking system come in different sized roll, each roll have different colors. This new technique machine will help to get rid of continuous bending, the body muscles will not be as aching as when bending was required for all day long. This method helps to stay away from the back pain which was generally caused earlier.

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This efficient method helps in less wastage and accuracy to do work is more, hence the tapes getting wasted decrease due to less mistakes while sticking the tape on floor. This equipment is used in factories, office buildings, warehouses and many more areas. Not only companies, but schools also use them for marking the basketball court, gym floors. This tape is used widely as it is easier to apply as compared to paint. Length and width of the tape can be set according to the need.

Everyone might be using tapes for different reasons. It might be for temporary or permanent areas. There are diverse areas where they can be used. Line marking tapes are good for places where lines are used more often. These are the best for warehouses that need to demarcate location of products.

Line Marking for Running Track

If a running track has to be made at school, you should know how to mark the lines properly. The lines on running track determine the athletes starting position and the running place. These lines largely impact the timings between the runners. Thus, the lines have to be drawn properly as it a critical issue if done wrong.

Drawing lines is not tough if you know how to do it and you know the accurate position of the lines.

Some steps to be considered while line marking:

• Study the running track on which you are going to mark lines. Take the exact dimensions. Different tracks have different peculiarities that are going to affect the way markings have to be done. Understanding these changes and doing the work with perfectness is a job of experience. Experience matters a lot in line marking.

• Make track by painting line to line as marked. Machines might be expensive for this, thus paint is more often used.

• When painting for international level, lines linking the lanes are generally 5 cm thick; lanes have to be 1.22 m wide if the track is 8 lane.

It will be the decision of the user and based on the demand that what type of line marking is to be done i.e. line marking tape machine has to be used or paint is to be used for marking. In tapes different colors can be used which can be used to differentiate various products. If a color is not appropriate, another color can always be used, as color choice can be made.

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