Man The Suits

It is true that all attention are glued to the bride’s wedding gown, but grooms must also have to set themselves apart especially in men’s wedding suits. It has become a wedding tradition the groomsmen, and most especially the groom, wear the same outfits, but it is still important that the guests are still able to distinguish the groom from his men. There are stricter demeanours in a formal event, much tougher task to stand out if it is super formal event. But still there are ways you could stand out above the rest on your big day. There are various ways to single out your men’s wedding suit.

1. First is the tie, wear a tie or bow tie with different colour than your men. For example, your groomsmen could wear a vest and tie combo that complements with the bridesmaid, and you could wear a silver tie and a matching vest. Grooms can also step ahead from the groomsmen and wear a different kind of neckwear from his men. Your men can sport neckties with a Windsor knot, which has a knot that is shaped like a triangle, while you as the groom can choose a bow tie.

2. Alternative tux, wear a slightly different suit from your groomsmen. For a morning wedding, a cutaway suit can be worn and your men should wear stroller coats. When you chose to wear double breasted coat, have your men wear a suit that is single-breasted. Otherwise, wear a one-button suit while the groomsmen the three-button style instead. If your suit’s collar is satin, the men should be plain.

3. A decorative flower, a distinctive corsage on your men’s wedding suit collar will be a good idea for the guest to identify you among the groomsmen. When the wedding seems to be very formal, and incompatible suits would seem unfitting, go with this alternative. For instance, for the groom: ensure corsages are made out of a similar flower like stephanotis and groomsmen, and then add an accent, like a rosemary, mint, or oregano to yours. Or else, choose an altered but a much related bloom: garb a corsage made of a lily of the valley, and for your groomsmen, they can wear stephanotis. It’s a wise thing to use flowers with the same colour variant for a constant look.

4. Vest variety; pick a vest that has different colour from the groomsmen. Or you could stick with the usual men’s wedding suit and your men with the black tie and black vest to match with the bridesmaids.

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