Microdermabrasion: An Advanced Skin Care Technique

Microdermabrasion Sydney is a simple procedure which removes the outer layer of dry dead skin cells and instead reveals the younger and healthier skin layer underneath. This procedure is beneficial for the skin, as it also known for encouraging the production of a new underlying layer of skin with the help of higher level of elastin and collagen. These proteins help to improve the appearance of the skin.


This treatment procedure gently scrubs your skin or rather sand your skin and thus remove the outer thicker and uneven layer of the skin. This treatment can cure a number of things, some of which are:

    • • Gives a refreshed appearance after exfoliation.
    • • Removes age spots and blackheads.
    • • Improves hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a condition wherein patches of skin gets darkened.
    • • Palliates stretch marks.
    • • Blocks enlarged pores.
    • • Removes lines and wrinkles.
    • • Treats acne and removes the scars caused by acne.
        • Non surgical way to

rejuvenate skin

    • .• Thickens the collagen level present in the body, which results in a younger looking complexion. The collagen content is in abundant during the childhood phase, it production gradually declines which leads to the formation of uneven skin., instead of the taut and smooth skin in childhood.


This treatment is less abrasive than any sort of extensive and costlier procedure of plastic surgery. Basically, Microdermabrasion is a generic term employed for the application of tiny and rough grains which buffs away and removes the surface layer of the skin. Fine crystals or minute diamond-studded tips are used to abrade the skin. Then vacuum suction is used to remove the dead skin cells.

Important Facts

This procedure is prevalent in numerous medical treatment and salon treatments. Several products too, follow this technique, like some of the creams and scrubs which can be applied at home. Usually this procedure is carried out to treat the face, neck, chest and arms. There are some facts which need to be cleared out. First of all, Microdermabrasion is not any sort of laser surgery. Secondly, it is an affordable professional treatment and it is best if repeated every three or four weeks. Thirdly, this procedure is not beneficial for removing acne scars or deep wrinkles. Fourthly, this procedure is completely painless and doesn’t require any needles or anesthesia. It guarantees rapid recovery and negligible risk factors.

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