Why Should You Support a Mobile Coffee Van?

Your local mobile coffee van is offering a beverage that will not just keep you awake when you need to be.

The eternal argument over whether your favourite cup of the morning provides health benefits or not continues to “stir up” controversy. People are split between two beliefs. One side says that this morning beverage helps in releasing antioxidants and giving mental ability a boost, whilst the critics are saying that this drink increases the heart rate (which, in turn, raises your blood pressure) and causes insomnia and indigestion.

Thanks to the latest discoveries in science though, people who drink this beverage on a daily basis will benefit from some health benefits! Let us analyse some of these perks:

Better Memory

During one major experiment, a group of Austrian researchers asked some volunteers to consume an estimated 100mg of caffeine (this is the substance that is also found in soda drinks which makes them addictive) whilst asking another group of volunteers to just drink plain water. The scientists played a memory game with the volunteers and found out that the people who drank caffeine responded faster to the game and retained more things in memory compared to the individuals who only had water to drink.

Drinking that cup is drinking a cup of antioxidants.

In comparison with green tea and cocoa, your favourite beverage in the morning produces more antioxidants. The latter are molecules that stop other molecules from oxidising and discharging free radicals that might damage to human cells. Scientists have been observing unprocessed coffee beans for weeks and found out that there were at least 1,000 antioxidants inside each one of them. When the researchers started roasting the beans, a lot more antioxidants began to form.

For the health conscious people out there, antioxidants prevent certain forms of inflammation which may eventually lead to ailments such as arthritis and cancer. One of the elements that can only be found in your favourite morning drink is chlorogenic acid. This is believed to help prevent cardiovascular disease.

So, go ahead and support that mobile coffee van. Just limit your consumption to two cups. If you need more information, go to mobile coffee van now. Coffee is our business.