How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

A root canal removal is a treatment that helps relieve severe tooth pain. Every tooth has a pulp inside which provides nourishment to the tooth. The pulp senses temperature changes inside the mouth, as the organ senses these as pain. When tooth decay happens, the pulp is exposed, making them more sensitive. Over time, the pulp’s tissues can die. When this happens, the root canal procedure is needed.

Consultation and Assessment

You’ll need to set a consultation date with your endodontist before having the procedure done. This will allow the professional to assess the state of your teeth. Once the specialist decides that you need the procedure, you’ll be scheduled for an operation. The initial consultation and assessment with an endodontist can cost anywhere from $100-$200.

Cleaning and Filling

Cleaning Is the first step to any root canal. It’s the process of removing any dead tissue or dirt that’s lodged into the cavity. The professional will use a drill to make a hole on the surface of the tooth. This will give the specialist access to the pulp inside. The person will then scrape and file through the dead and dying pulp tissues. By the end of the process, all nerve tissues should be gone.

The filling is the part of the procedure. The endodontist will decontaminate the hollow tooth after cleaning. This is to make sure that there’s a minimal amount of bacteria before the tooth closes. Afterwards, the tooth is filled and closed with a cement adhesive.

The entire procedure, from cleaning to filling, will cost $1700 – $2700.


After the procedure, the tooth will be very fragile, making it more susceptible to damage. Overall, this can cost $200 – $500.

Getting a root canal can cost a lot of money, especially when the procedure is done by an endodontist. But if you’ll think about it, this service is worth it if you’re experiencing toothache often. Professionals ensure that the procedure is quick and completely painless.

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