Nail Care

Manicures and pedicures are perfect pick-me-up nail salon services for your tired hands and feet. Both these involve exfoliation, massage, mask, hydration and beautification rituals involving exotic fragrant products.


Manicure beauty treatments services include the following steps – exfoliating, application of mask, massage, hydration and additional treatments such as application of nail polish/varnish and trendy nail art.

A lavish, aromatherapy spa manicure will begin by soaking your hands and fingers in a scented solution (usually warm water mixed with fragrant therapeutic salts and essential oils). Then your aesthetician will exfoliate your hands and fingers with a revitalising exfoliating crème. She may also gently brush your hands and fingers with a loofah or pumice stone to eliminate dead cells and flaky skin.

Then she will use a moisturising lotion, gel or oil to massage your hands, applying gentle pressure on all the knots, trouble areas and pressure points to release tension and to relieve you from wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

This relaxing and rejuvenating massage imparts a smooth and silky sheen on your hands and makes them baby soft.

You may even opt for an eco fin treatment after this for enhanced hydration.

Lastly, the aesthetician will buff and polish your nails, shape and file your nails and apply nail varnish/nail art according to your desire. She will also clean and trim your cuticles. Many spas and salons also apply a cooling or hydrating mud mask for soothing and detoxifying the skin on your hands.


A salon/spa pedicure treatment follows all the same steps as a manicure, but the indulgent treatment is reserved for your legs from knee downwards. It also involves greater and more vigorous exfoliation with pumice stone on your feet and heels.