Important Reasons to Have Name Badges

Name Badges

Name badges are tags or stickers that are worn on clothes to display a person’s identification for others to see. They can be temporary, such as a sticker with a brand’s name and logo; or permanent, such as engraved or laminated pins made from either metal or plastic. These items can be attached to clothes with an adhesive or through various backings like magnets, locking pins and swivel clips, among others. They’re used by most customer service companies like fast food restaurants, hotels, or even in the military to identify people by name.

The best thing about tags is capacity to be customised. You can create your own design or choose a template. There are companies that provide clients with a chance to have their own names engraved on them.

Name Badges


Nowadays, enforcing a policy requiring workers to wear ID cards or badges is becoming a necessity in many industries. Nevertheless, there are still important reasons for wearing and using them. There are even companies such as Name Tags and Badges that specialise in making, engraving and producing name badges for their clients. These identifiers can be used as proof of employment to secure the safety of your employees and other benefits.

Here are some reasons for requiring the use of ID tags in your workplace:

These identifiers help customers and buyers identify whether a person is your employee or not. Being prominently placed on the company uniform, these can help people to see the people in charge of assisting customers in a store or office.

Corporate branding is a popular trend that most companies try to exploit. Thus, your company can achieve distinction from the competition. You might even attract people to your business with friendly tags.

Starting a conversation with a store personnel is hard without identification items like tags. These materials help customers to have a personal touch with a business and get what they need.

Your employees can have a sense of security as they wear badges. They are considered an alternative to your employees’ ID cards. It’s very helpful for companies that deal with technology and sensitive information.