What are Natural Health Care Supplements?

Natural health care supplements are medicines with natural ingredients that you drink after every meal to improve certain bodily functions. They are often in tablets, capsules and powdered forms. One example would be ginkgo biloba that can improve your memory or green tea to provide calmness and relaxation.

Although these medications are made from plants used for treating diseases for years, many of them are not recognised by doctors as medications. Hence, they are not subject to regulations for traditional medicines. Although the manufacturers are required to follow good manufacturing practices for their products, they don’t need to have an approval from the government’s food and drugs board before selling it to the market.

Whilst they have medicinal properties, doctors always advice people like you to check up on them first before any symptom arises or persists. This is not excluding the fact that herbal capsules do not have a guarantee of any treatment, except when advised by a physician. The capsules can have strong effects on the body, but also carry the same level of risks. For example, too much ascorbic acid can lead to diarrhea, nausea, or headaches.

Are they safe?

Dietary products follow a different set of guidelines, compared to over-the-counter medicines that can be bought from drugstores exclusively. Their rules are as follows:

  • Their manufacturers do not seek approval from food regulatory bodies
  • They can claim that their products answer to any deficiency in one’s body
  • They are not allowed to make dubious claims about the effects of the capsules.
  • They must follow good manufacturing practices and hygienic standards without any posing risk of contamination
  • They must be exact in putting in amounts of their products and their nutrients
  • The government food bureau is responsible for making sure the manufacturers follow the basic food production regulations.

Safety tips for using botanicals

Now that you know how they are regulated and produced, the best set of advice about drinking herbal products is by following the product instructions, keep track of your dosage, and choose your brand wisely.

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