Why Do I Need to Hire Floor Sanders?

Floor sanders do finishing and maintenance work on wooden floors. They are experts in ensuring that your timber flooring looks good and is free from damages. Regular maintenance is required if you have wood on floors, decks and staircases. Professionals use commercial tools and equipment to ensure quality results.

What’s the process?

Floor Sanders

Sanding is the first part of finishing wooden floors. The top layer of the planks is scrubbed with sanding machines, so they stay consistently flat and smooth. This is done in throughout the surface of the floorboards, up to the corners and edges. This process is a necessary preparatory step in finishing the wood.

As one would expect, the first step produces a lot of dust. This is why some professionals offer dust protection services by wrapping the home in plastic sheeting. However, some particles tend to get through the protective layer. Most experts prefer to use sanding machines that are equipped with a dust collection attachment, which ensures that no amount of debris will get through.

After sanding, polishing comes next. It’s done to make the floorboards shiny and smooth. It also adds a protective layer on the surfaces, which sanding takes off. Oil based finishes can be used, which somewhat helps resist abrasion. It gives a very glossy look to the floors, which is preferred by some owners. However, it overs the least protection out of all finish types.

The most durable finish is polyurethane. It requires little maintenance and lasts a very long time. It even bonds boards together to ensure no moisture passes through the planks! Water-based finishes are also available for those who are looking for a non-toxic option. They come on glossy and ultra-matte varieties.

Why do I need it?

Sanding is perfect for hardwood floors that have been scuffed, scratched or otherwise damaged over time. It takes away the top layer of the planks, revealing a smoother surface. It’s also perfect if you want to change the appearance of the wood. You can stain it after sanding, creating a very different colour and tone.

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