Online Marketing Trends – 2013

Online marketing is the hottest form of marketing right now and any company worth its salt will do its best to utilise the unlimited potential of virtual marketing. Three words can be used to define the trends of 2013; mobile, Google updates and brand management. It’s interesting to note the furure areas of value that will emerge in the coming year and the direction of the winds of change.

Switch to Mobile

Surfing the internet is no longer relegated to laptops and P.C s. One in every three internet user is probably accessing it through a hand held device like a smart phone, mobile or a tab. More than 75% of the global population enjoys unlimited access to mobile devices. Marketing professionals have now woken up to the power of the “second screen” i.e. hand held devices.

Most websites are already optimised for mobile phones or defunct. 2012 was all about being mobile ready and 2013 will be about creating exciting mobile apps. As a brand you have to think about the value that you will offer to the mobile phone user apart from the usual navigability and easy operations. See Website designers Sunshine Coast

Enhanced data visualisation

SEO agency are great on visually attractive data representation and online marketing strategy. Complex clumps of data need to be managed and represented in an easy and comprehensible way. 2012 was the era of big data while 2013 is the era of comprehensible big data.

All companies will be thinking of ways in which they can use new software and technology to enhance the visual functionality of data. Furthermore, online marketing is an easy avenue to promote a company’s products or service. Products like clothing, shoes and others. Services for companies like team building or accomodations and the like.