Plagiarism – Online Proofing Software

One of the beneficial parties of this online proofing software are the employers of the article writer for he will be able to check if the articles submitted by the employees are copied or not. If he will not use online proofing software and just trust his employees, he may possibly be posting a plagiarized article on the internet, thus causing him a fine of quite an amount since plagiarizing is a crime. Employers of article writers really have to have this kind of software to avoid committing plagiarism.

Plagiarism may not only cost you a fine but it may also cost you your freedom, since it is a crime, you can possibly go to jail because of it. It may also cost you your dignity because plagiarism is a shameful crime. It simply means that you do not know how to make your own article or you simply do not have your own idea about a topic that is why you just copied someone else’s work.

Plagiarism can be easily avoided by writers if they really have an honest conscience on the article that they are writing. And if this is true, employers will no longer have a problem about plagiarism. But this is reality, it is human nature to seek for an easy way to finish a task, therefore, copying someone else’s is possible. They may not copy articles at first but when tiredness comes and they start to seek for the easiest way to finish the job, then the copying starts. This is why you really need to have online proofing software.


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